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News Roundup #31

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Something something! Roundup time.

News Roundup #31

L4D: February 25th Update

Bleed Out is back!

Portal 2 Achievements Leaked, Featuring A Half-Life Surprise

Huzzah! Rejoice, downtrotten Half-Life fans!

The Boy Who Stole Half-Life 2

Take a trip back to 2003.

Valve at Toy Fair 2011


Steam’s New “Big Picture Mode”

Is it the final name? We don’t know, and we certainly hope it isn’t.

Portal 2: The Cube Edition… Exclusive to EB Games

*begins crying hysterically*

Valve Announces Steam Guard

Phishers wept, holy men cursed, as they looked up onto the balcony and saw…

Portal 2 – GameSpot’s New Preview, Intriguing Concept Art, And More

Much, much more.

Mike Ambinder Talks To EDGE

Fear Valve and their biofeedback technology!

Final Sequence

Yes, the people have chosen!

Well, more like… one person.

We’d like to thank Jeromy for actually voting! From now on, we’ll stick to “Final Sequence”.

In other news, that’s that for this Roundup.

Thanks for reading, and see you next time!

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