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News Roundup #3

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It’s that time of the week again!

No, I don’t mean it’s Freitag. I mean it’s NEWS ROUNDUP TIME!

News Roundup #3

Portal 2 at GamesCom!

First of all, the most important news: Portal 2 is at GamesCom 2010, in Cologne, Germany. We’re hearing that the demo is now open and even playable for all! We’ll be bringing you any news and interviews we see.

Don’t forget to check out GTTV’s special Valve-themed episode, which will feature an exclusive Portal 2 Coop Mode teaser trailer, at 12:30 AM PST, today.

For now, check all our current articles:

Let us first say that it’ll be a LOOOOOONG time trip to February 9th.

The Valve, The DotA, and The Modders

After Jon St John let the cat out of the bag about the project Valve and IceFrog are doing, which has been revealed to be a remake/reboot of the Warcraft 3 mod “Defense of the Ancients”, possibly on Source, and possibly free.

Valve then registered a “DotA” trademark.

Soon after, Steve Mescon and Steve Feak, two of the mod’s original developers, who work at Riot Games, creator of ”League of Legends”, a game heavily based off DotA’s gameplay style, filed a trademark for “Defense of the Ancients”, under the name DotA-Allstars LLC, in an attempt to protect DotA, so that it can remain a “a community-owned product that modders, independent developers and game fans can continue to modify and play as often as they’d like”.

Nic, of Podcast 17, theorizes that perhaps the “DotA” trademark is a decoy. Why would Valve only trademark an acronym? We just hope Valve comes out on top and can release their project.

We’d like to thank him for helping make the article more accurate, as he’s been following the events closely.

Check all our articles for more info:

Left 4 Dead News: Mutation Week 17

Last week, we had Mutation Week 17.

The Mutation that week was “Iron Man”, designed for all the diehard players that don’t play Mutations cause they’re too easy. Knock yourselves out, folks. All Realism rules are in effect, no ammo caches and no restarts. Your team loses, you go back to the lobby. No choosing levels inside campaigns, either you do it in one sitting or you don’t do it at all.

Last week’s poll results for the other week’s “If you don’t play a Mutation, then why?” poll were:

27% None Of these
22% Lack of Interest
22% Enjoy Traditional
10% Too Gimmicky
10% Too Easy
9% Too Hard

Xbox 360
41% None of These
21% Enjoy Traditional
17% Lack of Interest
8% Too Easy
7% Too Hard
6% Too Gimmicky

Last week brought a new poll: “How did Bill die?”. I voted “Overrun by Zombies”.

Next week’s mutation should be “Developer’s Choice”.

In addition, we had “2 Evil Eyes” on Valve’s 120 bi-weekly community campaign servers. They’ll still be up till next Friday, so you can still play.

There also was a sale on all L4D-related merchandise. No word on whether or not that will stay for next week.

Don’t forget about GameTrailers TV’s special Valve episode, which will feature info on L4D and L4D2’s upcoming DLC, Mac support, and some Portal 2 goodies. 12:30 AM PST, August 20th. Also airs on Spike.

Steam Game Releases: August 9th-13th

Pinky’s doing a series of articles for new Steam game releases. A new one should pop up tomorrow, so stay tuned.

We’ll save the whole listing of his first article, for August 9th-13th, for the post itself. Check it out!

Orion Goes On The Path of The Pro UDK Developers

Well, ain’t it a shame.

The “Mystery Days” have finally led us to a big surprise: Orion is headed towards Unreal 3, and a commercial release. The new game will be the first in a series. Targeted for early 2011, “Orion: Prelude” will appear on Steam, XBLA, and PSN. At least they finally added dinosaurs.

No word on whether the Source beta will continue to be supported, but you might as well consider it dead.

We wish em good luck, and this is the last time we’ll be covering the mod. Adios.

Freeman’s Mind: Episode 29 Released!

Yes, it finally got released. No, we’re not gonna Rickroll you or anything.

Lethal Stigma: Public Beta Released (And Source Code Release)

Lethal Stigma is a very ambitious-looking mod that attempts to bring a whole new twist on the HL2:DM experience, with entirely new gamemodes, and completely new weapons. It looks really great, and it’s definitely on our radar now!

In addition, since then, its source code has been released! Yes, Lethal Stigma is now entirely opensource. And it’s still under development! Bravo to the developers for this awesome act!


Yes, Overwatch, the ambitious FPS/RTS hybrid mod, has been taken over by an evil gang of headcrabs. It now features zombies and/or vampires.

Overwatch’s public release is still targeted for August 20th, today.

Zeitgeist: New Media Released

Zeitgeist, an amazing looking and relatively unknown Source mod, has just released some great looking screenshots, featuring the Venice area of the mod.

They look stunning, and we can’t wait for future media releases.

We <3  You Phillip Marlowe

In case you missed Pinky’s great article, check it out!

Once again, thanks, Phillip!

Bonus Snippet: Valve + Apple = <3

God, everyone’s been telling me to cover this. Alright, are you happy?

Apple released a “Snow Leopard” (I have no idea what that means, it must be some rare near-extinct breed of the regular leopard or something) update for Mac OS X, featuring a ton of performance fixes for Valve’s Mac games, in particular Portal and TF2. It’s awesome to hear Valve and Apple are working together like that.

May the Valve bestow better framerates on you.

And, Finally: GameTrailers TV, Overwatch, and Resistance Bulletin?

Don’t forget to check out GameTrailers’s new GameTrailers TV episode, featuring Valve with some great L4D and Portal 2 news.

Overwatch is also getting a public release today, so check that out as well.

In addition, a new Resistance Bulletin article should be up sometime in or around the weekend. Pinky should also have a new Steam Game Releases article on the way.

That’s all for this week, folks! Thanks for reading.


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