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News Roundup #25

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Has it really been 25 weeks since our site first popped up?

News Roundup #25

L4D: January 14th Update

A new Mutation, a new poll, and hints to L4D’s future?


Jonathan Coulton Confirms New Portal 2 Song; Survives Dangerous Plane Flight With It

Still Alive… 2? “Still, Still Alive”?

PlanetPhillip’s Map/Mod of the Year – Final Phase

Get over there and vote!

Valve Reveals Steamworks Features For The PS3 Version of Portal 2

Hot damn.

City 17: Episode One – Media Release Phase 2

This is starting to look better than… well, certainly not Dear Esther.

Doug Lombardi Talks Steam On PS3 With EDGE and Arstechnica

More silence!

Michael Pachter Talks Valve

Nice to see folks still praising Valve.

Beyond Black Mesa!

Yes, it is finally out.

Off-Topic: Duke Nukem Forever


Freeman’s Mind: Episode 31 Released

Freeman continues to… yeah, I don’t know.

TF2 Tron Skin Pack

Tron Guy would be proud.

Final Sequence

Well, that’s it for this week.

Thanks for reading, and see you around!

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