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News Roundup #23

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Here we are again!

News Roundup #23

L4D: New Year’s Eve Update

Last week’s Mutation was – and still is – Flu Season, in which the only Infected are the Boomer and the Spitter, and the Common Infected spawned by the Boomer’s vomit.

Sound easy? It isn’t. Vid Boys need not apply. Get some friends together, then try it out. This Mutation will give you nightmares even on Medium difficulty.

ModDB’s 2010 Mod of the Year Awards – Player’s Choice

Let’s hope this year will be even better.

Wired’s 2010 Vaporware Awards – Episode Three at 1st Place, Black Mesa on 4th!

It’s great to see our beloved Episode Three get some recognition.

Pirates, Vikings and Knights II – Beta 2.4 is Out



Valve Defends Their Release Schedules

When will they defend their radio silence?

Half-Life 2 Ranked #4 on Game Informer’s Greatest Video Game Openings of All Time

And with good reason!

Valve, Razer and Intel Team Up To Show Portal 2 at CES

Splendid footage. 18th April couldn’t come soon enough.

PlanetPhillip Launches

Phillip is always up to something!

Is he plotting world domination?

PlanetPhillip’s Mod of the Year 2010 Awards

Get over there and vote!

IGN Previews Dota 2

Will it make 2011? Who knows.

Episode 30 of Freeman’s Mind is Out

Here’s to another 5 month wait!

Rooster Teeth’s Immersion – Episode 7: Zombie Headshots

What about the staff of LambdaGeneration? Would they be able to hit anything?

Gabe Newell: “PC is still centre of innovation”

And we agree.

Final Sequence:

You’ll notice we’re no longer calling these end sections “And, Finally…”. That’s because we needed more Half-Life references, or something.

And it’s easier to type in, for whatever reason.

In any case, that’s it for this week.

Thanks for reading, and see you next time!

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