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News Roundup #21

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Yep, another Roundup, just as a special Christmas gift for you and all that great stuff.

Once again, a bit smaller this week, but I wanted to get everything back on schedule in the hope that I won’t be as lazy next week.

Oh yeah, and Merry Christmas. Or the politically correct “Happy Holidays”.

News Roundup #21

L4D: December 17th Update

The Mutation was, and will be until next Friday, “Special Delivery”, a Mutation in which the Special Infected spawn cap has been raised to ten, and spawn timers have been removed entirely.

This is like giving a mutant alligator a dose of Valkyr. Definitely recommended for all the masochists out there. And the sadists, in case you get dropped on the Infected team.

Steam Holiday Sale 2010

After the Give & Get and Treasure Hunt sales, it’s finally time for the Steam Winter Holiday Sales.

I can tell you right now that in the near future, Christmas will no longer actually exist. We’ll just celebrate Steam Holiday Sales, and make wacky calendars bout that.

“20 Minutes Into The Future”, people.

As for the Australians, who only get winter during the summer? Don’t worry, that’s why we have Steam Summer Sales.

ModDB’s 2010 Mod of the Year Awards

We’ll cover the Player’s Choice awards when they are fully revealed.

Strange. The URL says “moddbs”. That could be misinterpreted.

Valve and EA Confirm a Retail Distribution Agreement For Portal 2

This comes at an awkward time, when Activision and EA are declaring legal war on one another. Screw Modern Warfare and Future Warfare, man. Legal Warfare’s where it’s at.

Will Valve participate? Or will they pull a Switzerland? Get in there, Valve! Rip their throats out! Don’t be gentle.

Half-Life: Minecraft

Our first ever interview, by the way.

And quite a big one, I’d say.

Ooh, that rhymed.

ApertureScience.Com – Holiday Vault Camera Feed Updated

While seeing Valve update their old sites to wish us a merry Christmas is quite awesome, sadly, it’s still not the ARG.

Come on. They had us dig out our dial-up modems! How awesome is that?

And, Finally…:

Well, that’s about all.

Once again, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

Hope you enjoyed reading, and see you around.


  1. And, this HL2Beta photo, means nothing?
    The guy on the TV (The Consul) looks awesome.

    • Nah, it’s just the feature image. We chose it because the concept of the Breencast (or Consulcast, if you prefer) is somewhat similar to that of a newscast.

  2. How lovely, Merry Xmas!

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