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News Roundup #19

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This is last week’s Roundup.

Since it’s close to the end of school, most of us got assaulted by test papers and major exams.

News Roundup #19

Left 4 Dead: December 3rd

Darn you, Pinky.

Killing Floor and TF2 Collide in the Killing Floor Christmas Update

“Worlds Collide”, anyone?

Dear Esther – Media Update

Good God.

Portal Done Pro – 9 Minute Speedrun of Portal

And I’ll say “Good God” for this one as well.

Mystery TF2 Update Brings “Festive Holiday Crates” and More!

Not to be confused with our friend, the “More” button.

Portal 2 at the VGA’s

An award and a new trailer.

Not bad.

WETA Workshop’s Level 1 Sentry Gun


Paranoia on the Dreamcast


The G-Man Named the #1 Most Mysterious Video Game Character of All Time

And with good reason.

And, Finally…:

Working hard or hardly working?

Sometimes both, here at LambdaGeneration.

See you next time.

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  1. What a week,eh?

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