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News Roundup #18

News & Rumors Other

Late again.

Rest assured, we’re still working hard.

This Friday’s Roundup will be out as soon as possible.

News Roundup #18

Holy Fancy Fedoras! Community Fixed Paint for Hats in TF2!

Pinky called it.

Rumors #2

What we believed to be L4D3 is in fact Prototype 2.

That still leaves one rumor, though.

Blue Portals Released

The biggest Portal mod in quite a while, Blue Portals is sure to get your Portal skills back in time for Portal 2.

L4D: No Update?

Nothing beats filler.

TF2’s New Update!

Awesome stuff! Apparently, they updated the beta yesterday.

The Great Steam Treasure Hunt!

Valve excels at many things, but now they have truly proven that they excel at the art of making you buy lots of games on the off chance that you will somehow win like a hundred games.

And some hats.

New Portal 2 Trailer to Debut at the Spike VGA’s this Saturday!

Cannot wait.


Half-Life 2: Short Stories Team Announces “Water”

Clarification: “Paradigm Decay” is, as they say, “dead”.

Still, we certainly hope the Short Stories team does a great job on Water… and maybe does Human Error EP2… soon.

Half-Life 2: Wars – Multiplayer Beta 1.0 Released!

An RTS mod… on Source… with multiplayer.

My mind’s blown. Bits of Half-Life trivia all over the walls.

Rooster Teeth Turns Their Exit Door Into A L4D Safe Room Door


Nevermind me and my Deus Ex nostalgia.

A Halloween Pumpkin for the Portal Sentry Turret!

Now the Ratman can finally have something nice to eat!

Artist Creates a Replica of a L4D2 House for “Art Project”

Wacky… but the very concept of LambdaGeneration is pretty wacky in itself, you must admit.



This is made by a Gearbox artist, who also happened to contribute to the PolyCount contest.

Which means he got them nice royalties.

And when Pitchford saw it was a Valve check, he must have exploded.

And, Finally…:

Still working.

As Frohman might say “working hard or hardly working?”

In any case, that’s all for now.

Thanks for reading.

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