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News Roundup #17

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Good news. Despite our minor accident, which we’ll be able to talk about as soon as the court documents allow us to, the office isn’t completely destroyed… at all!

We fixed up the place and invited a local inspector to visit. He gave us some great compliments, such as “numerous flammable hazards”, “about to collapse”, “trash everywhere”, and “eviction notice”.

He also complained that the Roundup was late again, but I just yelled at him and called him a “foolish old man who probably hasn’t even played Half-Life”.

Apparently, one of those new-fangled SWAT APC’s with the water cannon and stuff is on this street, as I write this.

Bah! I laugh at their silly attempts to intimidate us! Don’t they know how much I love water? Water cannot kill me!

News Roundup #17

Left 4 Dead: November 19th Update

Strangely, Valve neglected to release another update, which means we’ve still got good old Gib Fest.

Steam Give & Get Sale

Pinky’s back, with an article on Steam’s monumental sales.

The Portal Wedding

HAPPY BIRTHDA- Oh, it’s a wedding? Why is there cake if it’s a wedding? Is that one of those insane American practices? Down with the system! Fight the power! Stop wasting cake on non-birthdays. It’s how the Egyptian empire collapsed.

The Return of Volpin Props’ Real Portal Gun

Looking good, Device.


Chet Faliszek on “Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy”

More zombie talk.

Zombies everywhere.

Gamasutra’s Rewarding the Players, Featuring Erik Johnson

More interviews.

Interviews everywhere.

Except this one has some awesome Portal 2 info, which is great.

Opposing Force 2 – Media Update and Upcoming Demo!

I’m dying to play this thing.

Well, if I was really dying I’d be a lot less Vic and a lot more Hic, cause when you die you hiccup once and then pass away.

I believe.

The LambdaGeneration Christmas Update

Feels good, man.

Bonus Snippet

Still none, sorry.

And, Finally…:

Not much to say. We’ve released the Christmas update, and we hope you’ll enjoy it.

Thanks for reading, and see you next time!

Image credit: Opposing Force 2


  1. Must say,a great week of news.

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