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News Roundup #16 [Last Week’s Issue, Out Now]

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Now we’re relatively back on schedule.

A bit small this week, though.

News Roundup #16 [Last Week’s Issue, Out Now]

L4D: November 12th Update

We had the good old fashioned “Taaaaank!”. You know, that’s so awesome, they should have made it into a permanent Mutation. I am serious.

Happy Birthday, Half-Life 1!

Here’s to another 13 years.

Factum Solus: Episode Two – Trailer Released

After a media hiatus, Factum Solus has returned with this awesome trailer.

Super Meat Boy Steam Version To Feature The Headcrab!

Perhaps the first cameo a HL character has had in another game since 2007’s Peggle Extreme, bundled with the PC version of the Orange Box.

Black Mesa Won’t Make A 2010 Release Date, But An “End of 2010 Update” Is In Store

As JC Denton once said: “What a shame.”

Vote for Portal 2 at the Spike Video Game Awards’ Most Anticipated Game of 2011 and IGN’s new Portal 2 Preview!

Go ahead, vote!

New Episode of the G-Man Squad Released… After 1 Year and 7 Months

Worth the wait? I seriously don’t know.

PlanetPhillip’s Blue Portals Preview

6 days left!

Bonus Snippet

We still don’t have any this week.

And, Finally…:

This week we’re doing well.

And other than that, there isn’t much to talk about.

Thanks for reading, and see you next week!

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  1. Apologies, Pinky and I had some troubles posting this one. It is now in its proper time table. And… stuff.

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