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News Roundup #14

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Late again.

I know, I know.

This is last week’s Roundup.

I will STRUGGLE to get today’s Roundup by the end of Sunday.

News Roundup #14

Left 4 Dead: October 29th Update

Bleed Out Versus was last week’s Mutation.

Temporary Survivor health made it a frantic race for SURVIVAL. GRRR.

Last week’s poll was “Are you dressing up for Halloween?”, and it was more a question of what L4D character you’re dressing up as.

This week’s Mutation is “Healing Gnome”.

PlanetPhillip Announces New “” Website!

It’s quite awesome, so check it out!

New Screenshots from Robert Briscoe’s “Dear Esther” Remake

“Very early WIP?” Really? Good lord, this is… anything but that!

DotA 2 Website is Now Online!


Poker Night – Now Featuring Brand New TF2 Items!


New Trailer for “Beyond Black Mesa” Released

Looks awesome!

Bonus Snippet

Awesome Gordon Freeman plush by Kochopia:

And, Finally…:

We’re working as hard as we can.

Tons of schoolwork, and the update are giving us problems, but we’re still giving our best.

See ya at the next Roundup!


  1. Thanks for Alex with helping me out with them snippets!

  2. POKER NIGHT!!!!

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