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News Roundup #12

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Even during construction, we still find a way to deliver!

We’ve decided to open up the site for a bit, to let you folks see the Roundup and the L4D News.

It will reenter construction either tomorrow or on Monday.

I know just how ironic this is, trust me.

News Roundup #12

Left 4 Dead News: October 15th!

Last week we had Hunting Party, which pitted you against a constant wave of Hunters.

The Sacrifice Comic is now live, also:

The Sacrifice is now available on the iPhone and iPad.

How do you get it?
Go to the App store on your iphone/ipad.
Download the Comixology app (be sure to get the one that says “Comics” not “Pull List”)
Use the search engine to find Left 4 Dead.
Download for Free! When it is finished, go to bottom of the U.I. and you will find it in “my comics”.

All of the panels of the comic, except without any dialogue or SFX have also been added to the Extras section of the Comic.

For polls, we had “Did you win?”, which challenged your brain with one question: Did you or did you not win at the end of the Sacrifice, if you sacrificed yourself?

This week’s Mutation will be “Lone Gunman”.

The Friendly Fire Podcast

Vic narrowly evades employment termination by jumping through the office door, thus adding yet another entry to the “Things The LambdaGeneration Staff And Their Fans Have Destroyed” list.

And writing an article on a cool podcast.

Valve: TAS – Episode 2 Released!

Jeff brings on the awesomeness yet again.

Let’s hope Episode 3 doesn’t take 5 years to come out.

PlanetPhillip’s TeamVille Competition

Got mapping skills?

Then check TeamVille out!

More Info On Beyond Black Mesa!

I swear to god, we have covered the living hell out of BBM.

It’s that awesome.

Steam Surpasses The 30 Million Account Mark, and Other Stats!



1187: Episode One Released!

Seven Hour War mods.

Seven Hour War mods everywhere…

… and nowhere at the same time.

Ooh, brainteasers.

Half-Life Zone!

More community material!


DangerousWorld 2 Demo Released!

Looks pretty awesome!

So many mods, so little time.

How Valve Got Their Logo – Animation

Pinky’s hilarious writing is a comfort for my sorrow as to the animation constantly freezing on the loading screen.

The PolyCount Pack Creators Are Now Richer By…

Read the article to find out.

No royalty checks for the LambdaGeneration staff, sadly.

George Broussard Calls Valve Out On Episode Three

Irony at its best.

Entering Construction!

Wacky stuff.

Hype Machine: Mod News Summary #1!

Took you long enough.

Bonus Snippet!

And, Finally…:

Yes, the site’s gonna stay for a little longer.

It’ll most likely be back down either tomorrow or on Monday.

Thanks for reading!

See ya next time.

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