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New TF2-QuakeCon In-Game Item Promotions Revealed

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And the QuakeCon Steam Sale has kicked off!

New TF2-QuakeCon In-Game Item Promotions Revealed

Concluding on the 8th of August, 10 AM PDT, it features lower prices on all ZeniMax titles, plus larger daily deals focusing on individual ZeniMax franchises! The current sale is for the Doom-Quake franchise, and as part of that, Quake 4 has finally been released on Steam! Buying it will net you The Original, a TF2 weapon based off Quake 1’s rocket launcher, used in the original Team Fortress and featured in Valve’s very own Deathmatch Classic. Unfortunately, attempting to register your Q4 retail CD key with Steam results in an “Invalid Product Code” message, which is dubious, to say the least. That’s not all – buying Fallout: New Vegas, will get you the PIP-Boy, for use in the Misc item slot, for the Engineer. It even alters his PDA HUD!

We’ve also got Brink, where buying the game will net you the Anger, a hat for the Sniper. And two new ZeniMax games have also been made available for pre-purchase, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and RAGE. Pre-purchasing Skyrim will get you the Tamrielic Relic, a lovely hat for the Heavy, which should look great in Medieval Mode, and pre-purchasing RAGE will award you the Wingstick, another Misc item for the Engy.

All of these promo items are distributed in Genuine quality. They will most likely be made available for crafting some time after the sale is over. Keep in mind that the sale ends on the 8th, so that clock is most certainly ticking! If you need more information on the sale, check out this blog post from the QuakeCon site. You could also take a look at the official press release on Steam’s news. And last, but not least, the TF2 team has made a great little blog post about the promotions, which also touches on Team Fortress, and Valve’s Quake lineage, which you will find right here.


  1. This looks great! 😀

  2. More hats..

  3. I wish you could get the pip-boy from owning FO:3 🙁

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