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New Monthly Mini-Poll – Who Is Your Favorite Half-Life Character?

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As they say, better late than never!

New Monthly Mini-Poll – Who Is Your Favorite Half-Life Character?

We have posted up this month’s Mini-Poll. The question we’re asking this time is: “Who is your favorite Half-Life character?“. To help answer it, we’ve got 10 iconic members of Half-Life’s rich cast of characters, for you to choose from:

Once you’ve decided, just scroll down past the Recent Comments section on the sidebar, and rock the vote! And do let us know who you voted for in the comments section!

In other news, we’ve also got the results from last month’s Mini-Poll (which we closed a few days ago, and which dealt with the importance of general graphical quality in video games): 864 votes, split among 6 different poll options.

So, let’s find out what you guys actually think of graphics in games – and this time, we’re showing you the results… (drumroll please, this is really important)… in bar chart form! Alex decided the pie charts were probably getting old by now, and I kind of have to agree. So, here it is:

Let’s run through all the poll options in a more detailed, textual form:

  • Yes, I think graphical quality is the most important factor in a video game’s development.” – 20 votes
  • I think graphical quality is pretty significant, and I have trouble playing games with poor visual quality.” – 130 votes
  • It really doesn’t interest me that much. I’ll play it anyway!” – 63 votes
  • I think art style is more important than graphical horsepower.” – 363 votes
  • Graphical quality isn’t that important for me, but I think it affects the way I experience a game.” – 245 votes
  • A game’s graphical quality is completely and utterly unimportant in my opinion.” – 43 votes

Interesting results! Now we know that if Valve were to suddenly announce a text adventure game, it might not go all that well. But let’s keep an open mind – who knows what Valve is going to throw out to keep us appeased while they continue working on… ahem, “Ricochet 2“? Unless… “Ricochet 2” itself is a text adventure?!

Well, in any case, don’t forget to head on down (although by this point I assume you’d have to scroll up), and vote for who you think is the greatest Half-Life character ever! Choose wisely.


  1. Well this does wonders for confirming just how enticing an enigmatic character such as G-Man can be. I personally voted for Eli because he’s such a warm guy and shares a lot of important memories and connections with Gordon. I also wonder what the next poll will be. If it were up to me, I’d make it something along the lines of “Which potential Source 2 feature are you most excited for?”. I’d love to see the LambdaGen community reaction. Regardless, though, I think the poll could use a refresh now. Keep up the Valve awesomeness, Vic!

    • Thanks, but aside from selecting topics and choices, I’m not directly handling the poll – Alex, the site’s founder, web lead and administrator does all the work on that. He’s actually got some different stuff he’s working on behind the scenes, so we did have to postpone the next poll a little longer than expected. We’ll try to get it on here relatively soon, though!

  2. Time, Dr. Freeman?

  3. Breen gets my vote, because he’s one of the most masterfully produced villains out there. He’s totally evil while still seeming real, but he clearly spells out his viewpoint and motivation without the latter being some stupid Freudian thing.

  4. Why DØG? Isn’t he just called D0G?

  5. G-man of course “the right man in the wrong place can make all the difference” !!!!

  6. Where is Gordon Freeman?

  7. Alyx is mai waifu

  8. Father Grigori

  9. R barkd rrr DØG.
    I think it is the most helpful character in the series: it can do everything what other human characters can do, and also open Combine gates, launch humans in vans and kill Striders without rockets or grenades, and it will never betray or die.

  10. Misses “Strange Clothing and Goggles Man”, as depicted by Andrea Wicklund in the 2008 Episode Three concept art.

  11. I go with gman. He have little speech time, but every word he says is amazing, he is one of the best NPCs I ever saw. I would choose Freeman (he is a nerd and an one-man army, I don’t remember a character like that), but if he was a choice, would be unfair, of course. I like Alyx, but sometimes she is a bit annoying (Oh god oh my god OH MY GOD GORDON).

  12. What? No Vortigaunt?

  13. By 6 votes already, wow.

  14. Ooh tie between Alyx and the G-man at 14 votes!

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