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Monthly Mini-Poll: Graphics In Games!

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First off, we’d like to apologize for what happened with the previous Mini-Poll, which accidentally overstayed its welcome by one month. Believe it or not, we got so wrapped up in site work and external work (including the exam craze that many of us are currently embroiled in) that we more or less forgot about the poll completely. The good thing is we weren’t the only ones who did. So… surprise!

But we’ve now taken care of that, and we’ve got a new poll for you guys! Read on if you’re interested in advancing the cause of science by even more than two centuries. No mantis DNA included – we’ll leave that for our scientific journal mini-polls.

Monthly Mini-Poll: Graphics In Games!

Our third ever monthly Mini-Poll (which will definitely close on time, after one month has passed) asks: “How important are game graphics to you?”. It’s a pretty pertinent question, with 6 possible answers. A question that you can answer by heading to the sidebar directly to the right of this text. You’ll find the poll window just below the “Recent Comments” area. Head on down, and rock the vote – it only takes two mouse clicks. And a thorough analysis of your retinas. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt! It’ll sting. Really badly.

Let’s also do a quick run-down of our previous mini-poll, which asked which gaming platform/system you disliked the most. Here it is:

The poll accumulated 1,681 votes in total. As you can see, Microsoft’s XBox 360 came in first, with 395 votes, representing a 24% margin of the overall votes. Next up was Sony’s PlayStation 3, with 288 votes, for 17% of the votes. Then came the iOS device library, with 270 votes, for a solid 16%. After that, Nintendo’s Wii, with 213 votes – 13%. Next, the Mac OS X barely snuck by with 210 votes, also for a 13% margin. Then came the Android OS library of devices, with 71 votes, for just 4%. Right after that, we have the two main handheld systems: Sony’s PlayStation Vita, followed by Nintendo’s 3DS. Surprisingly, the Windows PC was next, with 52 votes – a 3% margin. That was followed by the “other handheld” option, which encompasses the various tablets and handhelds currently on the market, with 40 votes, for 2%. Last, and least hated was… Sony’s PlayStation Portable, with just 34 votes, for just 2% of the votes.

Overall, very interesting results. If only we’d added cooler systems, like the Commodore 64, or the… VIC-20?! Hey guys – I’m a computer!

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  1. I hate PCs the most, too much stuf to setup! Pc games never work either

  2. epic graphics+epic gameplay+epic story=hl3

  3. Silly question, but did LambdaGen receive a press pass?

    • To E3? No, Lombardi sent us this:


      Just a quick note to let folks know that Counter-Strike: GO will be playable in both Microsoft and Sony’s booths at E3. Please feel free to stop by at your convenience to check it out.

      Valve will not be holding dedicated appointments at this year’s show. But feel free to email us after the show if you’d like to follow up with more on CS:GO.


      So im not sure if they are giving them out, as we usually receive one for events like PAX.

      • We attended PAX East last year for Portal 2 coverage, but I don’t recall the exact details behind that (Dom was the one to go since he was closest to it). Generally, Valve’s E3 presence was really odd this year, but we weren’t planning on going to E3 anyway.

  4. I like the idea of the polls, but when you have so many options, it doesn’t really mean anything. You mixed handhelds with consoles with computers… and this poll is kinda useless.

    The new one is better, but ideally you should have 3 options – both extremes and a couple in the middle, e.g. : Graphics don’t matter Graphics are the most important thing I don’t care and A little bit

    • That is exactly what we did. Both extremes, and a couple in the middle. Sure, we went for more than a couple, but polls are supposed to provide options, first and foremost.
      I don’t think the other poll was meaningless either – it was about gaming platforms as a whole, not about any specific category of systems.

  5. Consoles will die soon

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