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Modular Combat 2.0.1 Update Released

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After a long period of silence, Mod Fidelity released a large update to Modular Combat. Changelog after the jump.

Modular Combat 2.0.1 Update Released

New features

  • Refunded all module points to all characters due to underlying database changes
  • Server owners can now create new monster types (including custom skins & models)
  • Added collection to game play statistics to aid with future game balancing
  • Accounts can now hold a maxiumum of 12 suits

Look and feel

  • Redesigned module menu UI to include categories
  • Added game statistics to the character UI menu
  • Combines now have more suits to choose from
  • Added affliction material system which allows for a wider variety of visual effects
  • Updated modular cVars to a standardized naming system
  • Added various new cVars
  • New BoSS voice & sound effects

Modules & balance

  • Removed all passive resistance modules
  • Impact: reduced overall effectiveness by 50%
  • Armor Regen: will now always regenerate to maximum armor
  • Hunters: now awards greater experience
  • Hula dolls have been replaced with a red battery that awards more auxiliary power

Bug fixes

  • Monsters will no longer attempt to attack spectators
  • Scoreboard timer no longer counts into negative time at the end of a game
  • Voting for a non-existent map will no longer result in a random map change
  • Players now recieve 50% of awarded shared experience for damage after death
  • Fixed a bug that causes players to be launched into the air when squishing a headcrab that is about to pounce
  • Made various improvements to teleport blockers

Their news post is available here, the patch can be downloaded here, and the fully updated mod can be downloaded here.

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