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ModDB’s Mod of the Year Awards – Player’s Choice

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While the Editor’s Choice section of ModDB’s 2010 Mod of the Year Awards went live back in December, the Player’s Choice section was not so quick.

Neither were we.

Well, our article on the subject is finally here.

ModDB’s Mod of the Year Awards – Player’s Choice

Player’s Choice only had two categories: Best Upcoming Mod and Mod of the Year.

In Best Upcoming Mod,  Opposing Force 2 sneaked out with an Honorable Mention. So did the infamous Black Mesa.

On the main countdown, 5th place was taken by the ambitious Source mod Ivan’s Secrets.  The GoldSource horror mod Cry of Fear grabbed 4th place, while Operation Black Mesa, a remake of Opposing Force, acquired 3rd place and then blew up the facility.

Robert Briscoe’s Dear Esther got 2nd place, and it deserved it! Sadly, 1st place went to the ArmA 2 mod “Project Reality: ArmA 2”, and not a GoldSource or Source mod. Shame.

Over at “Mod of the Year”, GoldenEye: Source, Sven Coop, and Zombie Panic: Source got honorable mentions. On the main countdown, 1187: Episode One got 10th place, and HL2: Wars got 9th place. All mods after that were non-GoldSrc or Source mods, until Nightmare House 2, which got 2nd place! 1st place was taken by Forgotten Hope 2, some Battlefield 2 mod.

The awards didn’t go as “well” as we hoped. Still, 2010 was a great year for modding in the Valve community, and hopefully 2011 will be even better!

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