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ModDB’s 2010 Mod of the Year Awards – Winners Announced

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After like… what, entire weeks of leading up to it, at last the winners for this year’s edition of ModDB’s Mod of the Year awards have been announced. The voting has also been closed for the Top 100 Released and Upcoming mods, and for the Player’s Choice polls. The winners for that category, however, are yet to be announced.

ModDB’s 2010 Mod of the Year Awards – Winners Announced

We’ll be starting with the “Editor’s Choice” awards.

The winner for Best Original Art was “Call of the Fireflies”, a beautiful-looking Crysis mod. However, Half-Quake: Sunrise, the third part in the infamous Half-Quake series, and Nightmare House 2 were nominated.

Over at Best Upcoming Mod, Robert Briscoe’s Dear Esther took the prize. Cry of Fear for HL1, Earth’s Special Forces, also for HL1, and Blade Symphony were also part of the nominees.

Meanwhile, down at Best Multiplayer Mod, Eastern Front for Company of Heroes won the award. The nominees for Source and GoldSrc were the phenomenal GraviNULL, Firearms: Source, and Garry’s Mod’s Trouble in Terrorist Town.

The winner for Best Singleplayer Mod was Nehrim: At Fate’s Edge, for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, but Human Error: Episode One and Nightmare House 2 were also nominated.

As for the Top 100, there were plenty of winners in both the Released and Upcoming categories.

Over at the HL2 mods of the Released category, 1187 took 1st place.

In the HL1 mods of that category, Sven Coop was the only contestant.

At the Upcoming category, Black Mesa predictably took 1st place for the HL2 mods, while the long-awaited Arrangement mod took 1st place at the HL1 category.

The Player’s Choice awards haven’t been revealed yet, but we’ll tell you about those too.

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  1. Can’t directly say that Nightmare House 2 had original art, when you think on the numerous games/mods with a girl stalking you, F.E.A.R. style and inside a hospital. But it’s good to see one of my favourite mods get nominated, f**k yeah

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