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Life with Lamarr – Amazing Webcomic And Website!

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It was a slooooow day down at LG headquarters.

I was preview-shopping, and drinking away my sorrows (don’t worry, it was Sprite) on not being able to buy s**t in terms of games this holiday.

I was also worried because in terms of community stuff… we don’t have much to write about, other than Pinky’s huge mega-mod update article.


Life with Lamarr – Amazing Webcomic And Website!

[λG] M λ L K I N: Oy mi old china, write this naw, or ya fired:

[λG] Vic: But, Alex…

[λG] M λ L K I N: Aww. Miss Brett, give me a violin.

[λG] M λ L K I N throws violin at Vic

Alright, so that’s not exactly what happened.

At all.

But, enough of that.

Meet “Life with Lamarr”, a great site that hosts the webcomic “Life with Lamarr”.

This is a huuuuge webcomic, and it’s also really great.

There’s tons to read, since it first started up in February 2009, with close to 200 issues released thus far.

It’s one of the better webcomics we’ve seen ever since Concerned died out, and PHW exploded or something.

But, that’s not all.

LWL features a forum as well! It seems to be pretty active, so get in there and start posting!

It also has a wiki, believe it or not. It seems a bit rough, but hey, if even the OverWiki’s rough around the edges, then you can’t blame these guys.

It’s got quite a lot of info on the comic, and you’ve got to applaud them for making such an effort!

Wait… you thought we were done?

Haha! Silly you.

LWL also features a great games section, filled with fun Half-Life minigames to play.

My favorite is Eli’s name generator.

So head over there right now!

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  1. Now that is awesome :L! Thanks for posting this 07

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