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Left 4 Dead – The Sacrifice DLC Announced!

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Valve has revealed “The Sacrifice” today, a new expansion for the Left 4 Dead series, but focused around Left 4 Dead 1, that will explain the circumstances behind the L4D1 gang being in Georgia, and Bill’s death.

Since people are STILL ASLEEP, Pinky and I, the only Half-Life journalists awake at this ungodly hour, will bring you THE NEWS.

Left 4 Dead – The Sacrifice DLC Announced!

Note how I said “for the Left 4 Dead series”. The Sacrifice will be compatible for both Left 4 Dead 1 AND Left 4 Dead 2. Supposedly, those playing it on Left 4 Dead 2 will receive the sequel’s new weapons, items and Special Infected. This is a bit worrying, as the L4D1 servers could be barren once more, but I’m sure Valve will find something out.

Left 4 Dead 2 players will also receive an upgraded version of “No Mercy”, which will also feature the new arsenal, and the new Infected.

The Sacrifice will tell the story of The Passing, from the L4D1 gang’s point of view. No word on whether it will still explain just HOW they got there from Blood Harvest, but hopefully this will all be explained by…

… the digital comic that will begin next month, which will apparently also include major events from the campaign itself.

Bill is still the one who died, and the circumstances behind his death will be revealed, but The Sacrifice will allow a team member to take his place, sacrificing themselves for the other 3, allowing you to choose who lives and who dies.

There is no release date.

Free for PC and Mac, paid DLC for Xbox 360.

Stay right here, with LambdaGeneration, for more details.

Pinky here helping out, you know, like how Old Spice helps boys smell like real men.



  1. This is very good news! I’m looking foward to. The comic should be interesting.

  2. It’s not an ungodly hour here is Australia 😉

    Also as much as i want to be excited about this DLC, and it’s a positive thing that it’s free on PC, i can’t help that think this a last ditch effort to keep people playing L4D. In my eyes, Valve had their chance with DLC with the first one and ruined it. Yes L4D2 may be a technically better game but its still the same mindless zombie shooter as the first, which is why it doesn’t interest me. This DLC won’t bring any new gameplay elements or mechanics to the first or second one, and while there are new weapons for the sequel, i couldn’t help but notice the omission of new weapons for L4D1.

    Overall i would have to say that this will not bring me back to playing L4D again, because i am done with the zombie shooter genre for the next few eons 🙂

    Btw article itself is very nicely written there Vic 🙂


    • Valve doesn’t really do anything like new gameplay for their DLC campaigns. They did add Survival and stuff, but other than that, it’s just campaigns.

      Last-ditch effort? True, but kinda self-foiled with the L4D2 compatibility part.

      Won’t be playing? Sad to hear that, Jenkins. I was hoping you’d give this a try.

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