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Left 4 Dead: No… Update?

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Imagine my surprise!

Left 4 Dead: No… Update?

Well, Pinky and I sat at a round table for about 10 minutes thinking of what to do, so we’ve decided to give you readers a little filler.

First off, in case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s some concept art for the 3 new Special Infected that appeared in L4D2. Valve released this on the one year anniversary of L4D2 a few weeks back, some time in November.

Enjoy the lovely drawings featuring Fat Deformed Charger; Jockey In Suggestive Pose and Fat Spitter.

It starts off with the Charger:

Second, back in August, Valve also did a little filler of their own just before the Sacrifice DLC was announced.

That was “Movie Night”. In case some of you still haven’t seen them, or if you’re feeling nostalgic about good old August 2010, now’s your chance to check em out.

Featuring somewhat low-budget fanfilm goodness, all of the vids clock in at 20 minutes. You’ve got your standard short films, a trailer for an as-of-yet unreleased film, and the infamous Left 4 Speed 2. They’re quite good, so check em out.

Here is the blog post:

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