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L4D2’s Cold Stream DLC Releasing On 24th Of July, Will Feature… Every Single Mutation

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After over one year in development, the release of Left 4 Dead 2‘s next official (and free) DLC pack, known as Cold Stream, is close at hand.

L4D2’s Cold Stream DLC Releasing On 24th Of July, Will Feature… Every Single Mutation

This is L4D‘s first significant DLC release since late 2010’s “The Sacrifice“, and while beta versions of the Cold Stream DLC’s content have been available to all L4D2 players for quite some time now, the DLC itself was trapped somewhere in the depths of development limbo. Until now.

In a new blog post just released on the official L4D blog, Valve confirmed that Cold Stream will be dropping on both the PC and the XBox 360, on the 24th of July.

We already knew the big highlights that would be featured in the DLC: the eponymous Cold Stream, a brand new campaign developed by Valve in conjunction with community developer Matthew Lourdelet (creator of the custom campaign 2 Evil Eyes, currently employed by Arkane Studios), as well as the rest of L4D1‘s original campaigns: Blood Harvest; Crash Course; Dead Air; and Death Toll. But as it turns out, Valve is, as always, adding a little something extra to make this DLC outing special:

With the update going out at the same time (also for the PC), all of the mutations will be available at all times. This will allow players to choose to match into games playing Taannkk!, Gib Fest, or even a user created mutation like Confogl.

A good call for the L4D team – this is going to add a lot of replayability and variety to L4D2. Other possible inclusions in the Cold Stream DLC may turn out to be: Steam Workshop support for custom campaigns; and possibly, CSGO-esque isometric shadowing technology.

Overall, it sounds good, and I’m looking forward to hearing more details concerning the DLC’s imminent release. Don’t forget to check out the original blog post.

And in other, more community-related news: I thought I’d seen some L4D custom campaigns in my time. Then I saw this gameplay video of the recently-released Deathcraft 2 campaign… and now I’m starting to doubt myself. Take a look:

They’ve got part 2 and part 3 uploaded as well, although part 4 and beyond have yet to be uploaded. Still, I’d suggest you avoid the spoilers, and check out the campaign yourself, preferably with some friends.

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  1. RIP Error Mountain.

  2. Good stuff! I wonder how much will be changed from Cold Stream’s beta.

    Also, that’s a really good looking poster, though I’m surprised it doesn’t have any of the Survivors on it.

    • It is a very interesting decision! If you’ll recall, Cold Stream is a no-story mutation with very little to no new dialogue at all, so maybe that poster concept ties into this idea.

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