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L4D: The Sacrifice Digital Comic: Transcript and Gameplay Highlights

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The new GTTV episode featured some panels of The Sacrifice’s digital comic. We’ve tried to look through and make a transcript of what’s written inside. We’ve also looked at the gameplay snippets briefly shown throughout the episode. Enjoy.

L4D: The Sacrifice Digital Comic: Transcript and Gameplay Highlights

First up, the comic transcript.

*Louis is at his office. Ray, his friend, who works with him, is in a different location, presumably his condo. They are talking on the phone.*

Ray: No! Louis, people are dying. I’m not gonna get infected just to keep Franklin Brothers’ bullshit database running!

Louis: Ray, you’re not gonna get infected. There’s barely anyone here! There’s more infected people in your condo.

Ray: Wha- you looke- but it’s li- goddamn world o- (What if you looked outside but it’s like the goddamn world’s over?)

Louis: Okay, okay. But- thought exercise. Alright, what if it’s not?

Ray: What?

Louis: What if the Green Flu burns itself out in a week? What if everybody got all excited for nothin’, and the only two guys who stayed calm and kept this place running was you and me? You know what we’re gonna get for that?

Ray: Infected.

Louis: Come into work, Ray. Trust me. I’ve got a good feeling about this.

*Completely different page. Louis is outside, still talking to Ray on his cellphone*

Louis: No, please. Do NOT tell me you are calling in sick.

Ray: Yeah, no, Lou. I’m calling in well and I’m planning to stay that way.

Louis: For God’s sake, Ray…

Ray: Lou, look, no offense, normally I love your “glass half full” attitude. It’s got us through some rough times, alright?

Louis: Ray.

Ray: But this time, I swear to God, the glass is definitely one hundred percent half-empty, and the other half is… I dunno, full of piss.

Louis: Come into work, Ray.

In the right corner of the page: PHILADELPHIA. 2 DAYS AFTER FIRST INFECTION.

*The rest of the panels do not feature any dialogue. One shows Louis in what seems to be his devastated office, at night, attacked by a zombie*

In addition, what seems to be a concept for The Sacrifice shows a wounded Bill lighting a Molotov right in front of a Tank. Could this be his demise?

Now for the gameplay snippets.

One part shows a train moving slowly, with people firing from inside. Zombies, including a CEDA zombie, are shot and fall down. The train is moving slowly towards the end of the tracks, where there is a barrier. There are at least 3 muzzle flashes, they seem to be M16’s.

The other seems to be taken from the L4D2 version, with all HUD elements identical, except for the bot names and avatars.

Some more footage shows an M60, confirming that it will be featured in The Sacrifice.

That’s about all we could find.


  1. any one else notice Heavy Weapons Guy is in that comic panel?

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