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L4D: New Year’s Eve Update

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Even on New Year’s Eve, Valve still delivers.

L4D: New Year’s Eve Update

This week’s Mutation is “Flu Season”.

Flu Season
The smell of spit and bile in the air.

This Coop Mutation is a mashup of “Boomer Shooter” by SR69MMJC and “Spitters!” by Karma Jockey. The only specials are Boomers and Spitters. The only commons are the result of the Boomer. The only other change is we amped up everything about these two Specials. But don’t worry you’ll be okay as long as you avoid all the goo flying in the air.

Sounds quite interesting. Apparently, this is a Co-Op Mutation.

We’ve got the results for last week’s Mutation Poll, which asked you what game mode should this week’s Mutation support:

Mutation Poll
Last poll asked what game mode should this week’s Mutation support. PC and 360 players voted almost identically. Coop squeaked out a win with 35%, Versus followed with 33%, Survival and Solo tied with 13% each and Scavenge came in last with 6%. This week we will have a Coop Mutation and will look at Versus Mutations for the next one.

Nice to see the Co-Op side is winning!

This week’s poll is titled “Secondary Weapon”.

Secondary Weapon
While this answer can be situational, in general – what secondary weapon do you prefer? Vote for your favorite using the polling system available inside the in-game blog.

Let us know what you voted!

And the team ends the post with this:

Next Year
We hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year’s Eve tonight. Remember, the safest way to spend your New Year’s Eve is at home, in the safety of your basement killing zombies. The entire Left 4 Dead team would like to thank everyone for a great 2010 and we are all looking forward to more fun in 2011.

Hopefully some DLC. And a lot of bug fixes.

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