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L4D – May 20th Update

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Gib Fest is back. I can swear this isn’t the first time it’s been back. Either there’s something wrong with me (very high probability) or we’re trapped in a matrix-like world simulation run by Eric Idle.

L4D – May 20th Update

Gib Fest
Blast the infected to shreds with M60s.

Swords can slice up some fun. Chainsaws can tear apart the infected. But you need to get close for both and well… chainsaws are really loud! Time to go with the ultimate gun, you and three friends armed with M60s and unlimited ammo. This is going to get messy.

Awesome. An unexpected side-effect is that now, getting Expert is about as easy as breezing through Easy with pistols only.

Midnight Riders Comic?
Last poll we asked what you thought about the idea of a Midnight Rider’s Comic. We will admit; we aren’t surprised. 70% of you want a comic, 14% of you have a negative outlook on life, and 16% of you are dirty liars… How did you know it said you can’t read unless you could read it!?!?

Oh… s**t. They got us.

Cold Stream Crescendo
Last update we made a change in the beta version of Cold Stream’s first map. Originally the final bit of the map before the safe room was a boarded over culvert leading down to the door. It made a great place to hide and then charge while the Survivors came down the tunnel.

We made a change to experiment with a bunker. The bunker has a large steel door that needs to be moved and alerts the horde causing them to come streaming out as you try and enter. The second way also introduces a one way drop down into the passage so all Survivors needs to jump at the same time or at least make sure not to be smoked up top.

So what does everyone think of the change? And if you haven’t played it, based on the descriptions – what do you think you would prefer? Please make sure to pick the right choice if you played or not.

Haven’t played it. But what about you? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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