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L4D: June 17th Update

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Yes, it’s woefully late, but I’d imagine L4D hasn’t been on everyone’s mind lately. Unless they somehow decided to make L4D1 free-to-play as well. But that’d be just silly.

Wouldn’t it be?

L4D: June 17th Update

Moving on from inane Valve-related speculation, let’s take a look at yet another Mutation update.

Hunting Party
Nothing but Hunters on the prowl.

In this Coop Mutation we pit you against non-stop hunters. No booms, no spit, no tongues, no charges, no being ridden… Great practice on dead stopping a hunter pounce.

Sounds pretty exciting. Shame it isn’t a Versus Mutation, though!

The Train Station
Last poll we asked about the difficulty of the Left 4 Dead 1 map The Train Station from Blood Harvest. An odd question for a Left 4 Dead 2 poll maybe, but on the PC side in particular we have a high number of players who have also owned and played Left 4 Dead 1 so they do have some first-hand experience.

50% of the voters think the map is too easy. 27% think it is fine the way it is and 23% of you haven’t played it. So that means, 50% of you are going to be finally challenged by the map, 27% of you might be a little overwhelmed, and 23% are going to in for a treat – just wait until you see the corn fields.

Interesting! Let’s hope the DLC is fairly close to release.

How do you follow Left 4 Dead 2?
We are trying to reach and interact with people in many ways. If you go to you can see the list, but how do you follow or discuss Left 4 Dead 2?

Uh… well, sheesh. I guess some of us follow it here? Some folks go to the L4D Steam Forums, others check out specialized fansites? No idea what the poll options are. Wish Valve would put em in the blog post itself.

You can find the blog post here.

And there’s also a new featured Community Campaign! Huzzah! It’s Suicide Blitz 2. You may or may not know the original from L4D1 – it was one of the best community campaigns by far. Let’s hope Suicide Blitz 2 is just as exceptional, if not better! Check it out here.

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