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L4D: February 11th Update

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Another Community Mutation and poll, but not much else.

L4D: February 11th Update

Death’s Door
This Co-op Mutation from Rayman1103 features death, death at a moment’s notice. No sitting around waiting to die. No wondering if your friends will save you. Nothing. You go down, you’re dead. So stick close to your friends and make sure to watch out for friendly fire.

Didn’t we have something like this before? Or is it just my bad memory knocking on the door again?

In any case, sounds pretty daunting! We’re also glad to see more Coop Mutations.

Last week’s “Kick the Vote” poll results are in:

Kick The Vote
For last poll we asked, if you vote kick why do you vote kick? Clearly getting rid of Team killers is a top priority.

Here are your answers in order of votes. Team killer 28%, Poor skills 19%, Annoying 15%, Rude or Crude 11%, I don’t vote kick 11%, Waiting for a friend 9%, To grief other players 4%, Unknown player 3%

Stinking team killer! “Gonna get what you deserve!”

And this week’s poll is:

Favorite NPC?
In all the L4D world, who is your favorite NPC?

No Mercy – Chopper Pilot
Death Toll – Church Guy
Death Toll – John Slater (boat guy)
Dead Center – Whitaker
Swamp Fever – Virgil
No Opinion

I bet Church Guy is going to be very popular in this particular poll.

Anyhow, that’s all for this week.



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