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L4D – August 26th Update

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One of the top 4 Mutations, and a poll question that may very well affect the future of L4D!

Yes, this is a deciding moment for the series. When your children will be lining up to buy- uhh… waiting for Left 4 Dead 4 to unlock on Steam, you’ll be able to tell them that you once voted in a poll, and your vote didn’t really amount to anything!

But you were there, man!

L4D – August 26th Update

This week’s Mutation is number 1 in the top 4 Mutations by player minutes. And it is…

Versus Survival
The first Survivor team sets the time. The second team tries to beat it. Then the first team tries to beat the second team’s time. Then the second team tries to beat the first team’s time. And then the… you get the idea. Rounds keep switching until someone fails to beat the previous time.

This is a great way to try Versus. Rounds are only as long as you can keep beating each others’ times. There are no rushing Survivors. Infected spawns get quicker as the time increases. It is mayhem filled with all the weapon perks and items. What’s not to like? Give it a try.

Why don’t they just make this thing an official game mode already, like Realism Versus? It’s awesome! The name could use some work – I’d prefer Survival Versus myself, but this thing has to be a full-fledged game mode!

And we also have the poll results from last week:

Upcoming Zombie Apocalypse
What’s your first reaction when the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse hits your town? 25% of you would hole up where you were, 61% would go look for friends and 13% of you told the truth and admitted you would cry in the corner.

I’m surprised at how many people would rely so heavily on their friends in a zombie apocalypse. What, do all your friends have rifles, biobombs and chainsaws?

And here is this week’s poll:

Guns! How many?
Do you prefer the guns outside of Saferooms to be single items that disappear after the first person picks them up? Or do you prefer that there are enough for everyone?

Single items all the way. And this goes double for you too, Whitaker. Goddamn you and your Tier 2 weapons, placed smack dab in the middle of the second map of a campaign. And those medkits. I hate them.

Let us know what you voted! Official blog post can be found here.

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