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Kotaku Previews Portal 2 (Spoiler Warning) [Update: New Video]

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Tomorrow, we’ll only have two months left until Portal 2’s release.

So close, yet so far, isn’t it?

Kotaku Previews Portal 2 (Spoiler Warning) [Update: New Video]

Kotaku recently played Portal 2, more specifically, the first few minutes of the game, inside a “very loud nightclub”. Now, I sincerely hope they at least had KMFDM on in the background. Remember, E3 2004 wasn’t the greatest E3 ever because of HL2’s surprise return, but because KMFDM actually performed live there.

For those who are not afraid of having their experience slightly spoiled by the juicy, yet spoilerific information contained therein, this preview is quite awesome.!5763043/the-excellent-beginning-of-portal-2


We’ve got footage from that same media event, of the entire first 10 minutes of Portal 2.

Watch at your own risk. This is a major spoiler.


  1. Pst: to all of those who haven’t bought Portal 2 yet; it’s 37$ if we take the 2-pack per game in the UK store, get it there =)

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