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Inexplicable, Nigh Incomprehensible Valve “Potato Sack ARG” Ramps Up

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There’s good ARG’s, bad ARG’s and ugly ARG’s.

Inexplicable, Nigh Incomprehensible Valve “Potato Sack ARG” Ramps Up

Which one of those is the Potato ARG? No idea, but it might be one of the most complex ARG’s I have ever seen.

A series of strange glyphs, cyphers have all been spotted in games that are part of the Potato Sack game pack. That was almost a week ago.

The ARG has since ramped up, leading to strange blogs, clues in Investment Opportunity videos, Twitter feeds, login pages found after doing certain tasks in the Potato games, and YouTube pages. 

Several websites have received e-mails from Gabe containing strange images with numbers all over them. These images, when put together, fit perfectly. Their titles are all anagrams of “reboot process”, and these numbers, when… ahem, “XOR’d with 0xFF” (no idea what that means either), seem to spell out a message. A few pieces are still missing.

Will we get a little piece of the puzzle? Will LambdaGeneration be remembered as “those weird fansite guys who got one of Gabe’s images”? No, probably not.

The TF2 Potato Hat has also dropped, though it’s actually called “[classified]”, which is a very catchy hat name.

Speaking of which… the Portal 2 Pin, or as some call it, the Companion Cube Pin… is here! No, it’s not part of Portal 2’s Steam pre-order bonuses.

You can have it right now if you play all of the games in the Potato Sack, at which point a “POTATO” banner (which is actually a “PORTAL TWO” banner with the letters R, L and W missing) will appear on your Steam profile. Click it, and the Pin, now known as the “Resurrection Associate Pin”, will be given to you in TF2.

Some thought this ARG was leading up to the new episode of GameTrailers TV, which was set to feature new Portal 2 footage and a talk with Erik Wolpaw, but the episode is out and there’s nothing special, as the only new footage is from PAX East. Check that out here, if you wish.

That said, we’ve got nothing else. I looked all over the Wiki and I still can’t understand much of this. It’s no secret that I am slightly stupid (haha, just kidding guys… or am I? uhhhh), so maybe you guys will have more luck.

Saurabh, host of the great Steamcast, has created a Portal 2 Steam Forum thread on the subject. It’s quite informative. You can find it here.

And here is the massive Valve ARG Wiki. They’ve got damn near everything on the subject here.

We’ll keep an eye on this ARG and let you know if anything important pops up.

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