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Impetuous Windmills Interviews John Patrick Lowrie and Ellen McLain, Featuring Dota 2 Talk

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Ah, Dota 2. So enigmatic! We haven’t seen you in action, we haven’t heard anything substantial about you, so what are you up to, you hermit?

Thank god we have John Patrick Lowrie to shed a little light on you!

Impetuous Windmills Interviews John Patrick Lowrie and Ellen McLain, Featuring Dota 2 Talk

Impetuous Windmills, a podcast, recently interviewed Ellen McLain (GLaDOS, Overwatch Dispatcher and the Administrator’s voice actress) and John Patrick Lowrie (the Sniper, Odessa Cubbage, John Slater and the HL2 male citizen and rebels’ voice actor) in their 41st episode: “I Struggle With Time”.

Hosted by Deprava and Sagramore, Impetuous Windmills was once not very well known. We say “once” because having an exclusive interview with Ellen McLain and John Patrick Lowrie stands a good chance of making you pretty well known. Ellen McLain’s plan of linking to the podcast on Reddit might have also worked, though.

The podcast lasts for 59 minutes and 8 seconds. A lot of topics are covered – John Patrick Lowrie’s new sci-fi novel: “Dancing With Eternity”, Ellen’s lost Portal 2 commentary node and more. The interesting part comes when John starts talking about Dota 2 34 minutes in:

So far, I have voiced 7 characters in Dota 2. […] I just voiced a kind of an ice spirit guy, and kind of an ultimate devil guy, then kind of a martial arts mystic guy. Then, early on, I voiced a guy named Pudge, […] and a guy named Storm Spirit, that everybody at Valve really enjoys playing. He’s like: “HO! WHERE AM I – OH, I’M OVER HERE NOW! OH YES! HERE AM I! LOOK OUT!”

So then Deprava asks John when the game might come out:

I think they’re planning on releasing it in the fall. I believe, this fall. Yeah, I think they’re finishing it up.

Hot damn! This fall? That’s… I don’t even know what to say here. A Valve game coming out in just less than one year from its announcement? Not missing its planned release date? Boy, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say this has never happened before! Because it has – Left 4 Dead 2. Oh, if only Valve was this quick when it comes to Half-Life!

Be sure to check out the podcast here.

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  1. You’ve just doomed DOTA 2 to an infinity of delays. Congratulations 😉

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