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IGN’s Top 25 Modern PC Games – HL2 Scores 1st Place

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This isn’t IGN’s first “top 25 PC games” list, nor is it their first “top 25 modern PC games” list. In fact, they did one of those just one year ago, and HL2 won first place. But now the game has changed – the release date limit is now somewhere around the year 2000. Can HL2 still hold up? Let’s see, right afte- wait, it’s right in the title? Oh, okay.

IGN’s Top 25 Modern PC Games – HL2 Scores 1st Place

The list, which you can check out here, features a number of Valve-developed titles – Left 4 Dead 2 at #22, Team Fortress 2 at #12, Counter-Strike at #8, Portal 2 at #5, and, of course, HL2 at #1. The list isn’t that bad, but there is of course, one glaring issue. No, it’s not the fact that Ricochet is not present on the list. When “Ricochet: The Jump Pad Menace” comes out, they’ll all be sorry.

It’s the fact that Deus Ex got fourth place. Fourth place. They don’t even give medals for fourth place, and you expect us to believe you’d give no medal to Deus Ex? It’s Deus Ex!

Okay, okay. No more ranting. But hey, another win for us Valve fans! I sure hope Valve realizes what kind of expectations they have to live up to with the next Half-Life. Remember how their main design goal for HL2 was to create the best PC game of all time? I sure hope they’re aiming for that one again. I’d add “if not more”, but it’s hard to aim even higher than that.


  1. Whats with all this talk about Ricochet?
    Iv’e heard about the revival of ricochet on this website for awhile is it just jokes or is there eventually going to be another Ricochet? I hope there is 😡

  2. No surprise there. Half Life 2 is, and will forever be, an instant classic.

    It takes an awful lot of time to experience its sequels though…

  3. I’m just happy Mass Effect is in the list.

  4. I doubt that “Ricochet: The Jump Pad Menace” will be released before the prequel, “Ricochet: Men of Disks”

  5. This kind of awesome writing is what keeps me here at Lambda, great article Vic!

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