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IGN’s Top 25 Modern PC Games – Half-Life 2 on #1

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Another prestigious honor goes to Half-Life 2, cause that’s just how the Hammer Legion rolls.

IGN’s Top 25 Modern PC Games – Half-Life 2 on #1

Selected by IGN’s staff, their 2010 edition of their Top 25 Modern PC Games list is limited from roughly HL1’s release date to today. Just as some may have expected, HL2 got #1. Pretty awesome!

Here’s the link to the list. Go to Page 26 for HL2:


  1. I would’ve shit my pants if it had been the first game. Too many people pass the first one by because of Half-Life 2’s recentness and graphical appeal.

  2. Everybody got owned by hl2 !!!!

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