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IGN’s New Preview of Dota 2

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Valve has been awfully silent about Dota 2. Since the announcement back in October, we haven’t heard anything else about the game.

However, IGN just got the opportunity to preview the game.

There isn’t much new, but the article represents an interesting insight into Valve’s design formulas on Dota 2.

IGN’s New Preview of Dota 2

Perhaps the most important thing is a list of confirmed heroes that will make a return from the original:

– Axe

– Sven

– Tidehunter

– Beastmaster

– Riki

Valve said that they’ll be bringing the original roster back in its entirety, but now they just say: “most of the heroes that you’re familiar with from Dota”. Strange, but no matter. They also talk about how they won’t be messing with the original formula:

“There’s the core gameplay, the actual game rules for how you play Dota. We’d be pretty hard-pressed to improve on that. I feel like IceFrog’s done such a good job at that and it’s something that his level of experience is so much higher with that community that it probably doesn’t make a lot of sense for us to go in and change a lot of that, so the core gameplay is the same.”

They also mention that the game is built around 5v5 gameplay, though 3v3 is functional. Making the game easier, accessibility, and a more cohesive gameplay fiction are also talked about.

There is a ton of stuff in there, too much to sum up, so why not check it out yourself? It’s a good read.

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