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If 60,000 People Finish L4D2’s Dead Air On Versus, Valve Gives Us Blood Harvest Beta For L4D2 On “The Next Weekday”

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The new L4D2 update brings us a new version of the Terminal map in Dead Air 2.

If 60,000 People Finish L4D2’s Dead Air On Versus, Valve Gives Us Blood Harvest Beta For L4D2 On “The Next Weekday”

According to Valve, this new version of the map brings them closer to having a complete, out of beta version of Dead Air on L4D2. There are a few more glitches and problems they’ll iron out, but what they really need now is testing. Yes, just like Aperture Science, Valve needs you to test!

To encourage testing, we created a new achievement: Connecting Fights. You earn it by playing a complete game of Versus in Dead Air. Do that and we have another prize. When 60,000 people earn this achievement, we will unlock the beta version of Blood Harvest on Steam the next weekday.

Yes, sorta like the Stream Crosser achievement from the Summer Sales, this is a fight against… well, against… I’d say ourselves, but that’d be far too bizarre, even for us. The stakes have been raised, and, at the same time, lowered. There’s no time limit this around, but if we get this achievement, we could get Blood Harvest the next weekday! Depending on what day it is when we finally hit 60,000, we could get it the very next day!

Currently, the next upcoming weekday is Monday, so we’ve got a good two days to get some progress in before the next weekday comes around. Can we pull it off? Well, let’s hope so – having Blood Harvest would be quite the treat! Remember that just playing it isn’t what Valve wants – they need testing. That’s what playtesting is all about – feedback. Once you’re done with your achievement, consider sharing any feedback and bug reports on the L4D2 Steam Forums, and/or the L4D2 Facebook, and/or the L4DDev Twitter.


  1. Thats Awsome!!!!.
    We need like a counter to see how many people finished it

  2. Awesome! I remember playing Dead Air all the time back in the day, but this dead air is a lot more challenging! Guys, I understand how you feel about l4d1, but the thing is, l4d1 was not a game, it was a beta. Just like portal 1 was to portal 2, it was to test out a new game in the world. I much prefer l4d2 to l4d1, even though I was originally a boycotter. I like its diversity compared to corner to corner camping. Plus, don’t forget that they didn’t simply abandon l4d1, they gave us 3 FREE major updates! Compare that to any other game, and you’ll see that it’s a rarity. Lastly, no one is forcing you to buy either of the games, so if you don’t like the genre, then disregared it! Sometimes, I feel ashamed about how spoiled our community is.

    • I agree with Brownie Points here about L4D1 being the ‘test bed’ game while L4D2 being the real deal, originally when I heard that the DLC is becoming a full game, I hoped that it will expand everything in many ways and L4D2 stood up to all of my expectations.
      The L4D community didn’t split into two, it only became bigger, just like the Portal community after releasing Portal 2.
      By porting L4D1 campaigns into L4D2 Valve allows us to play all of the levels from the ‘test bed’ game that we liked, without having to leave all of the new features L4D2 has to offer so I don’t really see the need to keep updating L4D1 with new content if it can be simply done in L4D2.

  3. I hope you had a good game, sorry I couldn’t participate.

  4. Just got round to playing dead air in l4d2 the other day and it was fantastic! My favorite l4d map atm.

    Looking foward to blood harvest

  5. Valve does a great job porting the campaigns to Left 4 Dead 2, even though they are beta, the glitches are few and the gameplay is great with all the new features that L4D2 has to offer.

  6. Too bad I don’t give a flying f*ck about L4D2

  7. Poor Left 4 Dead, it’s left for dead by Left 4 Dead 2.

  8. Silly Valve, Don’t make promises you can’t fulfill.

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