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HL2 Cinematic Mod 11 Revealed

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If you want to have more eye candy in your HL2, odds are you’ve heard of, or maybe even played the Cinematic Mod. Whether you liked it or not is a different story. The Cinematic Mod represents a classic case of “love it or hate it” modding, but, in the end, whether you agree or disagree with FakeFactory’s creative vision, you have to admit; the man does know how to make game levels look gorgeous.

HL2 Cinematic Mod 11 Revealed

And now he’s at it again, with version 11 of the Cinematic Mod! Check out the official trailer below:

That’s all we’ve seen of CM11 this far, but back in April, FakeFactory did share this video, showing some dynamic destruction he might just be introducing for CM11. Until then, we’ll have to make do with any new trailers he’ll be releasing, and the older CM versions, the latest of which is 10.94.


  1. “FakeFactory” indeed… the models are freaking horrible and the music just kills the mood, not enhances it.

  2. Why is everything wet? LOL

  3. So the main complaint of this mod is the character models? Does that mean if I play it with everything on except the new models, Flamov won’t point and laugh at me?

    • The music is also one of the main complaints. Kelly Bailey’s original soundtrack is replaced with a new soundtrack formed out of various orchestral tracks from big-budget blockbuster films. So, in theory, if you get rid of that too (not sure if there’s a tool for it, like the models), then the odds of Flamov pointing and laughing at you should be near zero.

  4. I never understood the appeal of this mod. Sure it makes the games look prettier, but in its attempt to make the game “cinematic”, it kills all the backstory and realism to the worlds which Valve has created.
    Also, why is he so obsessed with fir trees? They’re everywhere! According to this mod, White Forest and the Coast are one and the same! And I know it’s optional, but who in their right mind would replace Valve’s characters with a creepy, plastic Alyx and a two dimensional super soldier Barney? It’s like they’re trying to change the game into some generic Hollywood knock-off.
    Ooops, sorry for the rant…

  5. It’ll be 64bit again, right?

  6. If you didn’t know the new NPC skins are optional.

  7. Looks nice, but I’m not to sure about some of his Main NPC re-imagining. I’ve heard that is the biggest complaint against his work.

  8. Daamn that looks awesome! Can’t wait to give it a try.

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