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Headcrab Zombie Statue Pre-Orders Are Live!

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And they are quite pricey, as usual.

Headcrab Zombie Statue Pre-Orders Are Live!

Just like your old pal Vic foretold, there is an Exclusive version.

And also as I foretold, it’s pretty damn expensive.

The Normal edition is limited at only 750 pieces, and costs 300 dollars.

The Exclusive edition is limited at only 300 pieces, and costs 315 dollars, which is a slightly acceptable price for a bonus sawblade that goes in the statue’s base.

I don’t know about you, but I probably won’t be getting this, and if I do, it will probably be from eBay or something.

Seriously? 300 dollars for a 1/4 statue? Is there no justice on this godforsaken planet? Still, I’ve seen worse stuff than this. I’ll never forget the guy who was trying to sell a hatless Scout for 4 Polycount weapons on a TF2 trading servers. Disgusting.

Can I at least eat this thing so I don’t starve after I pay this astronomical price?

Alright, alright.

Here’s Gaming Heads’ site, where you can check out both editions.


  1. Screw statues, How much for the real zombie?

  2. Good lord! Look at the price tag on that thing.

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