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Happy Third Birthday, Podcast 17!

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Three years ago, a spirit child was conceived. Its first name was 17, and its last name was podcast. Yes, it’s been 3 years since Podcast 17 was created by Phillip Marlowe of PlanetPhillip, and William McMahon.

Happy Third Birthday, Podcast 17!

What has William got planned for the third anniversary? A competition – with a reward! Perhaps the biggest reward I’ve ever seen in my life. Don’t believe me? Head over to the official “Third Year Anniversary Page”. That’s… huge. I bet you’re wondering what the competition entails, but that’s classified, surprisingly:

The competition is a secret for now, but we can tell you this:

  • Details will be announced on Episode #156.
  • When the details are announced this page will be updated.
  • The entry period is between Episode #156 and #157.
  • Winners will be announced on Episode #157.
  • When the winners are announced this page will be updated.

Sounds good! I will be one of #156’s hosts, and I strongly recommend that you tune in when the time comes in around 3 hours – details are on the Live Stream page, and the P17 Steam group.


  1. Happy tird birthday! 😀
    looking forward to many more years of awesomeness! 🙂

  2. Commenter AvatarAlexander the GreatOctober 10th 2011 at 7:01pm

    Looking forward to it.

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