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Happy Birthday to Alex!

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It’s the 17th birthday of our great and glorious leader, Alex!

Happy Birthday to Alex!

Without good old Alex, none of us would be here!

So join us and wish him a happy birthday!

Thanks for all the work and help and awesomeness he’s shown in his time here!

Happy birthday, maaaaaan!

We were thinking of asking Valve to give you some Episode Three, but then I jumped in Doug’s face and started yelling “BUY SIN, PLEASE. BUY SIN”, and some other wacky stuff happened and Gabe said no.

Hopefully you’ll get plenty of other gifts!

Happy 17th Birthday from everyone here at LG!


  1. (late) Happy birthday Alex!

  2. Lost internet for 2 days… but still Happy Birthday.

  3. Happy Birthday!!

  4. Happy Birthday 😀

  5. Have a nice Valve-birthday, Alex 😀

  6. Thanks everyone, your’e all awesome!!!!

  7. Have a great birthday Alex!

  8. Have a great birthday dude!


  10. Note that it’s also Darkstranger’s birthday! Happy Birthday Dark stranger!

    Nah,Hapy birthday, Alex!

  12. My best wishes on your birthday.

  13. Happy Birthday Alex 🙂

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