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“Half-Life: Singularity Collapse” Released – Yet Another Brilliant Fan-Film

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Seems as though the Half-Life fanbase knows quite a bit about filmmaking, as we’ve seen a ton of homebrew live-action Half-Life short films. With a small budget and a fairly tiny crew, these dedicated filmmakers manage to bring the Half-Life universe to life, in… well, in real life.

And a new one is out! Meet “Half-Life: Singularity Collapse”.

“Half-Life: Singularity Collapse” Released – Yet Another Brilliant Fan-Film

Over a year in the making, with a $1,000 budget, Singularity Collapse is a 8 minute fanfilm sporting some brilliant visuals and some great action. The story follows an average citizen who becomes part of the rebellion after a nasty Civil Protection raid leaves him with no wifey, hooked up to a memory replacement unit. He joins up with some rebels and begins fighting for humanity! The story is interesting, but there isn’t anything new or original here. I also felt as if the plot was very disjointed. During some parts, I honestly had no idea what was going on. Who was where, what was what, and so on, and so forth. And the ending was even worse! But the story keeps you hooked nonetheless, if only in the hope that you’ll actually understand something! Not bad, but more attention should be given to storytelling.

The visuals and action are incredible, with some excellent combat scenes, especially near the end. This was definitely the film’s forte. I also enjoyed the authentic Half-Life feel of the film – we never leave the main character’s point of view, and there’s a even a little Half-Life chapter title near the beginning. The sound was excellent, and the original soundtrack was pretty great as well. The acting wasn’t bad, but it definitely wasn’t as good as the acting we’ve seen in other Half-Life fanfilms.

Overall, Singularity Collapse is without a doubt worth checking out, and we hope to see much more from these filmmakers in the future!

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  1. Impressive, Very impressive!

  2. awesome! the best fanfilm yet!

  3. Half life: inception addition.

    I kid, it’s a great fan film, nice take on how the combine make ppl be quiet while they are turned to stalkers

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