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Half-Life: Portal To Black Mesa Fanfilm Released

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Back in April, the trailer for “Half-Life: Portal to Black Mesa” was released. Most Half-Life fans jumped at the possibility of a Half-Life live-action parody that was actually funny. The wait has come to an end, as the full film has been released on YouTube.

Half-Life: Portal To Black Mesa Fanfilm Released

Lasting 6 minutes, Portal to Black Mesa’s got some excellent set and costume work (all on a tiny $100 budget!). The writing’s actually pretty funny (although a few of the jokes were a bit off), and the acting is surprisingly good, with a guest appearance from Harry101UK (who you might also know as the creator of the Wheatley model from the Steam Forums)! The only problem is that it ends just as it’s starting to get great. Still, it’s most definitely worth checking out!

And they’ve also released a “Behind the Scenes” video!

Let us know what you think about Portal to Black Mesa in the comments section.

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  1. Dear admin,
    that was intended for a russian forum in a response to a request for a translated transcription, as it’s rather popular over the pond. Our apologies for the mixup. Please feel free to remove.

  2. I didnt know Gordon is such a tripping-over-nothing-idiot! Its funny 😀

  3. Pretty good. Little iffy in some areas but all in all an enjoyable film.

  4. Could’ve been better, could’ve been a lot worse.

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