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Half-Life in Minecraft – Texture Pack Released, As Well As A Fan-Made Test Map

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There’s two things PC gamers are crazy about at the moment – Half-Life, or to be more specific, the next Half-Life’s release date; and playing Minecraft. What happens if you combine those two things? We examined that question back in December of last year, with Cameron and FireTime’s “Half-Life Minecraft”. But now, a new element has been introduced to the equation! Meet the Half-Life texture pack for Minecraft, and the third-party test map using it, made by a couple of fans!

Half-Life in Minecraft – Texture Pack Released, As Well As A Fan-Made Test Map

Maybe you always felt like Minecraft was lacking something. But what was that something? Maybe it was… Half-Life textures? Okay, maybe not, but still: Half-Life textures! In Minecraft! Woo! Created by Juraj, this texture pack currently replaces almost all terrain textures, wool textures, paintings, carts, boats, signs, GUI and HUD, and there’s even a re-done main menu! That’s not all – version 2 of the pack is set to feature replacements for armor, mobs and possibly items! You can find the pack itself, and more information, in this Facepunch thread.

Want a quick demonstration? Check out this excellent recreation of the Black Mesa Transit System, as seen in “Black Mesa Inbound” from HL1, created by ZombieDawgs. But maybe you want to see more? Maybe you want to see… well, you already know what it is from the title, but bear with me! Maybe you want to see… a test map putting the new texture pack to use? I think you do! You… do, don’t you?

Aha! I embedded it! There is no escape! Created by Dr. Cola, Eohek and Flambe, this test map looks pretty great! They posted about it on Reddit, and after much demand, they decided to actually release the test map itself to the public! Let’s check out their release video.

This is actually pretty awesome. At some points, I literally forgot that was Minecraft. What? Come on, it’s just as blocky as GoldSRC! Flambe also made his own release video, which you can find here. What are the three doing next? Recreating the entire Black Mesa facility, “and Xen” as well. I have my doubts about whether or not they’ll succeed in actually re-creating an entire dimension, but hey, they can try!

Thanks to Emil for the original tip!


  1. Is this available for download? If so, where can I find it?

  2. Dude Black Mesa dous NOT hav a pool there to busy cousing the black mesa incitend

  3. I better get working on v2

  4. holy shit i am on lambda generation

  5. Sweet, gonna try that out asap.

  6. I dont know, but this sorta remembers the 1997 beta version of HL1.

  7. Wake up and… Smell the blocks…

  8. lol

  9. And ages ago I made the Hazard Course…

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