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Half-Life 2: Wars – Beta 1.0 Is Out At Last!

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“Half-Life 2: Wars”, an RTS mod for Source set in the HL2 universe, first popped up in November 2007 as Beta 0.1. The last release was Beta 0.5, back in July 2008, and since then, we’ve only caught a few glimpses of a future release.

It’s finally here, as Beta 1.0, now featuring multiplayer!

Half-Life 2: Wars – Beta 1.0 Is Out At Last!

This new beta features completely reworked code, as well as improved optimization for far better performance.

However, perhaps the biggest feature in this new beta is the multiplayer.

Beta 1.0 has 3 multiplayer game modes: “Overrun”, “Antlion Skirmish” and “Antlion Capture the Flag”.

The Overrun game mode can be played with multiple human players, each of whom commands a Combine garrison in a remote area infested with Antlions. Players work cooperatively to build defensive structures and purchase units to defend their garrisons from never-ending, increasingly stronger waves of Antlions. The objective is to survive as long as possible before the Antlion swarm overruns and destroys the Combine outpost. Overrun features several Combine defensive structures like hopper mines and autoturrets, and a whole host of familiar Combine units from HL2, from the SMG soldier to the fearsome Combine Elite.

The Antlion Skirmish game mode (formerly referred to as the Antlion demo before we decided to add Overrun to the mix) is exactly what it says – multiplayer deathmatch between competing Antlion colonies. Each player controls a hive of Antlions and battles it out online with other players for control of local pheromone markers, which produce Antlion grubs that can be harvested by Workers and then used to purchase units. The match ends when one Antlion colony reigns supreme and annihilates all competing colonies. Antlion Capture the Flag (CTF) is a variation on this game mode; the name explains it all.

You can find the client and the server files at the official site, but to get things started, the devs have kindly provideda public multiplayer server at the IP address “”.

For all the info straight from the devs, head over here:


  1. Awesome! I played this back in 2007 and haven’t heard from it since, other than on Steamcast. This is awesome! Downloading now.

  2. I’ve always wanted to try an RTS, and I don’t really count Spore (since spore was boring in all levels except the first and second.)

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