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Half-Life 2: Short Stories Team Announces “Water”

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The awesome modders from the Half-Life 2: Short Stories Team are known for “Human Error”, an excellent episodic mod that puts the player in the shoes (well, more like high-tech 2020’s augmented-by-aliens combat boots) of a Civil Protection officer. The first episode dropped in the beginning of the year, and the team also released their awesome “Human Error: Traitor” multiplayer component earlier this year, but since then what have they been up to?

Half-Life 2: Short Stories Team Announces “Water”

While we don’t know what happened to that other episodic mod they were doing, “Paradigm Decay”, the team have just announced their new project, a mod named “Water”, being developed in conjunction with the developers of Research & Development and Flesh.

The player assumes the role of a mermaid, the eponymous heroine Water, as she arrives at the border of an industrial slum. She has come to investigate a series of strange occurrences with the fisherman she has encountered. The gameplay revolves around your interactions with the Fish People in your search for clues, solving puzzles as you go in an effort to make your way through the town. Confined to the waterways and canals, players will need to manipulate NPC’s into doing their bidding. It’s very tongue in cheek, most of the ideas having come to fruition whilst suffering from sleep deprivation.

We kinda wanted to see a mod based in the HL universe, but this sounds great nonetheless. The mod includes a number of features, such as Phillip Marlowe not doing voice acting for the mod, although that’s more of a bad thing. Just think of the parts Phillip could play! Disgruntled old veteran fisherman? Cheery bartender? King of the oceans? They’ve also released a few screenshots, but the media is a bit rough.

Overall, we’re quite excited about the project, and we hope it has an excellent future.


  1. Always wondered what an Adventure Game would look like on Source.

  2. So it’s an Adventure Game built on source? WANT.

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