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“Half-Life 2: Godspeed You! Gordon Freeman”

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Half-Life 2 lends itself to a lot of different styles and moods. As such, it seems as if you could almost put just about any soundtrack behind it, granted it fit properly. But, of course, the prevalent atmosphere in the Half-Life 2 series is melancholia. After all, the Earth has been invaded by a totalitarian multi-dimensional alien empire picking Earth to the bone for its now-dwindling resources. There are no more children, and genocide has taken most of the world’s population.

So while you could, in theory, make an improved HL2 soundtrack using Haddaway’s “What Is Love”, the HL2 series really does lend itself to more somber sorts of music. Which brings us to…

“Half-Life 2: Godspeed You! Gordon Freeman”

There’s been many Half-Life 2 music videos, but I can tell you this might just be one of the greatest ones I’ve ever seen. Created by SkipPrime, using Godspeed You! Black Emperor (that’s actually the band’s name… I’m not even kidding)’s “The Dead Flag Blues”, this is a 5-minute long music video using footage from the Half-Life 2 series to create a unique, and excellent montage, named “Godspeed You! Gordon Freeman”. Let’s take a look.

Amazing! It’s really unbelievable, that almost 8 years after HL2’s release, and people are still creating terrific stuff with it, as if it was brand new! I can only hope that HL3 will also receive this kind of attention when it comes out some time in… 2020? How’s that?



    I actually can’t think of a combination I like better: Half-Life and Radiohead, the two things I hold most dear in life.

  2. That was quite something!

  3. Omg…. this must be by far the best HL dedicated video I’ve ever seen.
    So much grief and sorrow, you can’t help but feel nostalgic.

    It was even better than this video I saw years ago:

  4. Very nice! And while we’re at it;

    One of the very best HL videos. Period.

  5. Very well made indeed 🙂

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