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Grand Prize Winners for the Great Steam Treasure Hunt Revealed At Long Last

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Remember the Great Steam Treasure Hunt, which challenged Steam users to complete various objectives in various games (some didn’t even require games, actually) to gain entry into a drawing to win games, as well as obtain TF2 hats?

While it wrapped up on the 20th of December, we finally know who the winners are.

Grand Prize Winners for the Great Steam Treasure Hunt Revealed At Long Last

A big round of applause to Lindsey King, Martin Himken, and Sean Osinski, who each won 100 games of their choosing in the Great Steam Treasure Hunt!

I’m running low on witty lines, so I’ll quote Godzilla 1998: “that’s a lot of games hurr”.


  1. Ouhh… I could tell you which games I choose…
    It gets worse if you are limited – like me – by law which games you can choose! There where several titles “not available in your country” and some of the games on steam are boooooooooooooring…
    List ist now up to 207 games though…

    Martin H.

  2. I wouldn’t even know what games I wanted. There’s about 1300 games on Steam, I own 73 of them and I can’t think of any that I’d like to own.

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