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GooseGoose’s Half-Life 2 (plus the Episodes) Commentary Videos – Now Reuploaded

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GooseGoose seems like just your average Half-Life player. In his own words, he is “far from an “expert” regarding Half-Life”. But he is also the creator of an excellent series of commentary videos or critiques, of Half-Life 2 and its Episodes.

They were originally posted on Google Video and YouTube, but strangely, GooseGoose pulled the videos from YouTube a while back. However, thanks to Flamov, one of the hosts of Steamcast, the videos are back on YouTube!

GooseGoose’s Half-Life 2 (plus the Episodes) Commentary Videos – Now Reuploaded

Here is the playlist where you’ll find all of Flamov’s reuploads of the original videos (not split into parts, and hopefully with closed captions on the videos by the end of the month):

We’ll embed them here as well, just in case anyone wants to watch from here. Note that the quality is quite low (240p on YouTube), as the videos were shot more than 3 years ago. Also keep in mind that these videos are really, really long. The HL2 commentary is close to 2 hours long, and the two Episodes’ videos both last about an hour.

Let us hope GooseGoose will return to the community, and create a commentary video for EP3/HL3… whenever we can expect that to come around. Once again, thanks to Flamov for reuploading these great videos!


  1. Wow this guy should do this with Deus Ex Human Revoluion, Crysis 2 an Battlefield 3.

  2. Would it be possible to be able to download these videos so that I can watch them offline?

    Many thanks!

  3. This is supurb! Thanks for mentioning this.

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