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Garry Newman Trolls Fans With Yet Another Half-Life 3 T-Shirt

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I’m starting to think not a single week is going to pass us by without something Half-Life-related to slap us in the face.

Garry Newman Trolls Fans With Yet Another Half-Life 3 T-Shirt

First things first – yesterday, Garry Newman, the man behind Garry’s Mod, must have been in a very strange mood. That seems to be the only explanation behind a tweet he made, in which he claimed Valve had sent him… a Half-Life 3 T-shirt, of which he even posted a picture:

Unlike the “unnamed Valve employee” T-shirt that surfaced back in December, this T-shirt sports the Lambda symbol in the center of the logo, and brings the number 3 back to the top-right corner of the logo. The T-shirt itself seems real enough, so it’s probably not a photoshop. One hour after that, he made another tweet in which he stated he was just trolling, but surely that sounds a bit suspicious. We’ll get back to that in a bit, because that’s actually not all we’ve got on the Half-Life 3 front.

Meanwhile, British gaming magazine MCV’s latest issue features a “2012 Surprises” mini-section. Number 4 on their list is…:

It’s been five years since the last Half-Life. In that time, Valve has been playing around with acclaimed zombie multiplayer blasters, first-person puzzlers, and a few quirky download games. Has the studio forgotten its ground-breaking FPS series? Of course not. It’ll be revealed this year.

Very interesting. Seems like more and more people are starting to believe there will be a HL3 announcement this year. Even one of IGN’s top editors, Charles Onyett, seems to be convinced that 2012 will be the year for a Half-Life 3 reveal. He even wrote an insightful and lengthy editorial about it, titled “Half-Life 3 Will Be Revealed This Year”. Charles reckons that 2012 will almost certainly be the year Valve finally starts talking about HL3. He believes Valve might be waiting for details from Sony and Microsoft on their next-generation consoles, so they can start talking about what’s in store on their front. He also claims Valve has nothing on their schedule after Dota 2 and CS:GO are released, so surely HL3 is next. Which is a fairly reasonable proposition, though that’s exactly what we all said back in 2009. And 2010. And last year.

But it’s the Garry T-shirt thing that has really piqued my interest. Would Garry really go against Valve’s word and compromise his friendship with the company by misleading an entire fanbase for nothing more than a few laughs? I’m not so sure. Still, who knows?

At this point, all I want is to get this whole thing over with. When Valve announces Half-Life 3, if they ever do in the near future, it isn’t going to be a complete surprise for me. It’s just going to be a relief. My reaction is going to be something like: “Oh, finally. Let’s get on with it”, instead of “OH MY GOD HALF-LIFE 3”, which would have probably been my reaction had the game been announced… at literally any other time. Either way, maybe 2012 is the year. Not for a release, but the year we finally find out more. Hell, even another piece of concept art would suffice. Perhaps an “accidental leak” on Valve’s end might do the trick – getting the hype higher than ever with some carefully selected concept art and screenshots. Let’s not forget that it’s been almost 10 years since E3 2002, the place where Valve initially intended to announce HL2. And let’s not forget that just as almost 5 years passed between HL1’s release and HL2’s announcement in early 2003, almost 5 years have passed between Episode Two’s release… and now, early 2012.



    eeee… Wtf?

  2. As much as I hate to say it, I think Valve will announce SOB next. The climate right now is similar to after L4D1 and the first few TF2 class updates were released, i.e. “OK, you’ve satisfied all your other fan bases. Now can we please get some Episode 3?”

    But we didn’t. We got some more Left 4 Dead, and then a lot more TF2, and a heap of more Portal and CS, with some action/strategy/magic thrown in. These are nice things, and SOB will be a nice thing to, but I just think that’s what they’ll do next.

  3. That’s not a Valve shirt. As a owner of many Valve Store shirts, their new shirts are tag-less and sport the Valve logo where the tag would be.

    And all I want is just a little bit of news, some more concept art would be fine. Just something from them about the game. A statement about if it’s Ep3 or HL3 that’s coming for us, since a lot of people still debate which it will be, would be another great bit of news.

  4. I don’t think will see Half-Life 3 released until 2013, they might announce it around the end of the year for 2013.
    That’s my predication, I bloody hell hope I’m wrong

  5. About SOB, wasn’t there someone who went to Valve HQ and took some pictures of some concept art that no one knew what game it was? I think you covered it a while ago…

    • Yeah, that’s probably going to be SOB. As we’ve seen in the Dota 2 leak, there’s SOB coding for nebulas and starships, and since that concept art featured large spaceships and whatnot, that’s probably it.

  6. I bet they will release a hole new source sdk for hl3 and even better engine!and yes its coming in 2012

  7. I think most peoples reaction will be “About &%@#$! TIME!” I know that’s what I will be thinking.

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