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Gaming Heads’ Soldier Statue Preorders Are Now Open

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I hope you have a lot of money on you.

Oh, who am I kidding? This joke’s probably getting old.

Gaming Heads’ Soldier Statue Preorders Are Now Open

Yes, the Soldier Statue is now available for pre-orders.

As you may have guessed, it comes in both RED and BLU variations, and it has two separate versions: Regular and Exclusive.

Regardless of color, the Regular Soldier costs $220, features the standard Rocket Launcher, and is limited at only 750 pieces worldwide. The Exclusive Soldier also comes with the Direct Hit, is extremely limited at only 300 pieces worldwide and costs $235.

All Soldier statues stand at approximately 13 inches tall, including the fancy base. They also feature the Gentlemanne’s Service Medal. You know the one I mean. The one all of us hate. But don’t get me wrong, you won’t be getting an in-game Service Medal if you buy one of these. As much as we’d all love to.

As usual, low numbers, so it’s “first come, first serve”, “survival of the fittest”, “every man for himself”, “bebe puiu” and all that good stuff.

As a reminder, Tank production began last December, and is expected to conclude some time in April. Heavy statues are also arriving at Gaming Heads’ US warehouse some time this week.

As usual, these things look amazing! Great job to Gaming Heads.

Will you be buying the Soldier statues? Have you bought any of Gaming Heads’ statues? Do you have any amusing stories related to Valve collectibles? Tell us, or Pinky and I will commence our fearsome “good writer, bad writer” routine.


  1. I actually purchased a RED exclusive one.

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