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Gaming Heads Reveals Medic Replica Statuettes; Pre-Orders Live On 28th January

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Ever since 2010, Gaming Heads has been teaming up with Valve, to deliver an array of terrific replica statuettes, based off all sorts of beloved characters from the Valve multiverse. They’ve had a TF2 line (probably their most popular), featuring the Soldier and the Heavy; a L4D line, featuring the Tank; and a Half-Life line, with none other than the beloved Headcrab Zombie. Or you can call him the Mawman, if you’re old-fashioned. They don’t, though.

But their TF2 line is about to get a new piece – the Medic!

Gaming Heads Reveals Medic Replica Statuettes; Pre-Orders Live On 28th January

As can be seen on the teaser page, pre-orders for Gaming Heads’ Medic statuette will go live at 8AM PST, on Tuesday, the 31st of January, 2012. As usual, it’ll be a limited edition collectible, with low numbers, given on a first-come first-serve basis. No idea what the pricing will be, but we can expect it to be somewhere around, or possibly lower, than the pricing for the previous Gaming Heads TF2 statuettes. We can also expect to see Exclusive variants of the statuette to be made available – higher price, but perhaps a Quick-Fix or Kritzkrieg instead of the standard Medigun. As usual, they’ve got plenty of wallpapers available, so check out the teaser page.

Even if these things are pretty expensive, they’re quite gorgeous. These guys do some pretty spectacular work! If you’ve got the cash to spare… then hell, why not? I’m sure there’s one technique in particular Valve and Gaming Heads could resort to, in order to get more interest in these statuettes going… TF2 item cross-promotion? Crazy idea… but that’s just thinking outside the box. If the box was… a Gaming Heads TF2 shipment. Still technically a box, though. Feel free to use my little idea, Valve and Gaming Heads. I know, it’s brilliant. All I ask in return? It’s totally not statuettes. Okay… maybe it is. Gah, why did I crack? Now they know my greatest weakness!


  1. Aww, i’ve allways had a softspot for the Headcrap Zombie statue they made, and now there’s a medic too… The first thing i’m ordering when i win the lottery is these!

  2. As much as I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE STATUES. I must be patient, and turn a blind eye. For I do not have that type of money to spare for statues. Well, I guess I’ll just have to wait for NECA!

  3. I’m really not sure how you could pull that cross-promotion thing off. Maybe it would be like the Genuine Righteous Bisons, where you’d have to get a code shipped with the statue in real life to get the special weapon or hat.

    • Yeah, that’s pretty much what I was referring to. They also did that for the Deus Ex promotion – but with the Genuine Purity Fist, at PAX 2011. While we’re on the subject, that, in particular, did not work out so well, when approximately thousands of unused keys for the G. Purity Fist were illicitly authenticated and clandestinely distributed in the TF2 market. Althoug evidently that wouldn’t happen with any possible Gaming Heads cross-promotions.

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