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GameSpot’s Greatest Video Game Villain – Round 3

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Damn. Just damn.

GameSpot’s Greatest Video Game Villain – Round 3

GLaDOS is up against Darth Vader… and Darth Vader is winning.


Oh, what a terrifying video game villain Vader is.

Come on folks, his video game roles are a joke.

Not to mention he’s a HERO, in the end.

Get out there and vote for GLaDOS.

And android hell really IS a real place, where you WILL be sent at the first sign of defiance.

And the orange gal’s winning.

Breen is also up against Team Rocket, but he’s winning:


  1. Oh come on what did Vader do in his video games,
    Not much
    GLaDOS is the real villain here after she tried to burn you alive then kill you with neurotoxins.

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